My City Live Wallpaper

mycityMultilayer pixel art live wallpaper. Live elements include both automatic time of day changes and automatic camera – for which you can choose direction. Other features are slowly blowing wispy clouds, gently swaying water with moving boats, a toggle for the parallax movement and texture repeating.

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Use compressed textures for opengl es 2.0 (ETC1 format)

In this example we show you how to create and use compressed textures with type ETC1 that is supported on all Android devices and allows you to reduce loading time and memory usage for you apps.
First you must create some texture file from any image file with Mali GPU Texture Compression Tool.
Then you must insert this file in your project in Eclipce (PKM or KTX file format).
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Neon Allah Sign Pro LWP

Live Wallpaper for Muslims with neon symbol of Allah and moving background in the form of Arabic script. You can choose from 7 different logos and 8 rear backgrounds, which makes possible to use more than 50 different combinations of live wallpaper. Movement of the background depends on the position of the device, the background can also be moved by touching the screen of the device or moving can be set automatically to any side. The cyclic texture of the background can infinitely move to any direction.

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